Opening the most differential ceramic Showroom in Iran

Opening the most differential ceramic Showroom in Iran

The opening of this showroom had been held in the middle of March.

In the showroom, we are showing different products in all sizes with amazing colors, and patterns, unique quality to make propriety grounds to facilitate customers’ access, accompany with high-level managers of tile and ceramic industry and also enthusiastic supporters of that.

The Annual meeting in Alborz Ceramic

Simultaneous with international Tehran ceramic fair for giving thanks to the internal and external distributer’s efforts a meeting had been held in Homa Hotel, Tehran, on July 2017, all of internal and international sales agent take part in this and also to the best agents in the sales field and customer’s services donate worthy gifts as a gratitude.

Speakers of this meeting were Mr. Samei(CEO) Mr. Nazifi(General Manager) with emphasis on customer services and necessity of training to sales personnel and installers explain the future plan to audiences.

Cheetah brand had been visited. new brands and products were welcomed by audiences.