Alborz Ceramic is a provider of ceramic, tile, miniature and mosaic products

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Alborz ceramic products include tiles, ceramic tiles, and mosaic.

“Cheetah” luxury brand, for Alborz ceramic company’s strategy with the aim of active attendance in ceramic products market and also, complete the goods basket and fill the vacuum that exist in the market, designed in the sizes of 2.5×2.5, 5×5,7.5×7.5, 10×10 and have started its experimental selling, from the early in 2015. A special and very various patterns collection of Cheetah, caused us to be witness of demand enthusiastically among of architects, engineers, ceramic and tile sellers, and stylists as soon as we began to extended process of peripheral advertising for the products of this brand and offering them to the market, on July 2015.
We expect that with the expansion on the increase of presented patterns, we would take steps for qualitative advancement of special ceramic products, while we secure users’ viewpoints.


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