Alborz Ceramic a provider of ceramic, Mosaic, Porcelain, and Porcelain Brick products

Alborz Ceramic, proudly relying on distinguished character of products and competitive prices in more than five decades of active and leading presence in the ceramic industry, is introducing a brand new line of products through this website.

In line with development strategies in taking part as a competitive member of the ceramic market, and to offer a more extended variation of choices in our portfolio, the Cheetah brand was founded at the end of 2014. This line of products provides Mosaic sizes up to 10 x 10 cm2. By the time the extensive process of environmental advertising and the launch of the brand began in 2015, the quite various and exclusive collection of cheetah products caught the attention and enthusiasm of architects, construction industry activists, ceramic tile sellers, and any group looking for different products.

We are eager to take a step towards improving the quality of tile products and special ceramic products considering your feedback as the most important guide in our journey.

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