Alborz Ceramic is one of the well-known brands in the design and production of luxury glazed tiles and mosaics for indoor and outdoor spaces. This company was established in 1973 and its factory is located in Alborz industrial city in Qazvin state, 130 km from Tehran (Iran).

The company produces matte, glossy, and anti-acid glazed ceramic tiles in the size of 30 × 60, 25 × 43, 20 × 50, 12 × 24, 15 × 45, 45 × 45, 30 × 30, 25 × 25, 20 ، 20, 15 × 15, 10 × 10 cm.

The company also has its types of matte, glossy, anti-acid, and non-slip glazed mosaics:

• In square shape, dimensions 1.7× 1.7, 2.5× 2.5 , 2.5× 5 , 5× 5 , 7.5× 7.5 cm2

• In the shape of a rectangle in the dimensions of 5 × 20, 5 × 10, 2.5 × 5 cm2

• Hexagonal in shape with a diameter of 3.3 cm in more than 75 different colors


Alborz ceramics produces its products using the latest European technology and the most modern machines under European standards. Porcelain body, abrasion resistance, frost resistance, resistance to acids, and heat shocks are some of the most important advantages of these products.
These products are suitable for all indoor and outdoor spaces, and residential, commercial, sports spaces, hotels, swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, water features, building facades, public urban spaces. Many of these products are currently exported to Europe, Africa, the CIS, and the Arab world, New Zealand, Australia, and South America.
Alborz Ceramics offers a wide range of choices for its customers for luxury decoration and arrangement, which is ideal for any environment and offers a unique style that combines classicism with modern concepts and thus updates the originality for you.
Changes made in Alborz ceramics
• Develop a long-term strategy based on the export of ceramic tiles

• Implement various development plans tailored to customer needs

• Creating and implementing new ideas in the ceramic tile industry

• Renovation of production equipment of ceramic production lines

• Attracting university elites as well as specialists with experience in various industries, especially the ceramic tile industry