Tiffani Tiffani

Wall Tile Tiffani-standard
Floor Tile (Indoor) Tiffani-standard
Suitable for Kitchen Tiffani-standard
Frost Resistant Tiffani-standard
Digital Tiffani-standard
Rectified Tile Tiffani-standard
Roto Tiffani-standard
Scratch Resistant Tiffani-standard
Glossy Tile Tiffani-standard
Surface Flatness Tiffani-standard
Random Tiffani-standard
Suitable for Bathroom & Toilet Tiffani-standard


Tiffany Ceramic

When geometric shapes such as squares and rhombuses are colored with artistic taste and put together, the result is always beautiful. The same combination has been used to design the “Tiffany” ceramic model, which is a colorful and vivid product which
its features make the space spectacular and markable wherever it is used.

“Tiffany” ceramic model is produced in size 30 by 30 cm has both patterned and simple faces. The material and quality of this model are suitable for both floor and wall applications. It is possible to transform different spaces, both in the services and in the kitchen, by combining its tasteful, simple, and well-designed patterns. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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Gray / Cream, Brown / white, Gray / White




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