Spirit tan Spirit tan
Spirit white Spirit white
Spirit pink Spirit pink
Spirit green Spirit green
Spirit gray 03 Spirit gray 03
Spirit gray 03 Spirit gray 03

Wall Tile Spirit-standard
Suitable for Kitchen Spirit-standard
Matt Tile Spirit-standard
Scratch Resistant Spirit-standard
Frost Resistant Spirit-standard
Structured Tile Spirit-standard


Spirit ceramic model is one of the new products of “Cheetah brand” from “Alborz Ceramic” Company, which is presented in 12 by 24 cm with a range of creative colors such as white, light gray, dark gray, green, pink and beige. This combination is an exact example of this famous saying that “what goods everyone has , you only have all at once”, the size and type of beautiful mold and various colors of spirit ceramic have made it possible to execute unique along with comprehensive designs using anywhere in the house. It is enough just to imagine a little or entrust your design to an expert and tasteful designer.

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Dark Green, Gray, Pink, White




Ceramic wall