Armani White Armani White
Armani White Armani White
Armani Black Armani Black
Armani Black Armani Black

Wall Tile Armani-standard
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Matt Tile Armani-standard
Scratch Resistant Armani-standard
Frost Resistant Armani-standard
Structured Tile Armani-standard
Suitable for Bathroom & Toilet Armani-standard
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Armani Ceramic
The name of “Armani” is reminiscent of the famous Italian brand with its unique designs, which is known for using simple lines to create magnificent designs and is reminiscent of the melodious word “Arman” meaning dream, goal, and aspirations in Persian. The ceramic that you see in our today’s post which is one of the newest products of “Cheetah” ceramic named “Armani”, is presented in 12 by 24 cm and is a detailed summary of both interpretations of this name. This ceramic is offered in two colors, white and black, and its design with its particular lines is similar to a minimalist painting and art design, as well as natural designs resulting from the cutting of mountain,s rock. The “Armani” model is an attractive option for use in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms because of its size and appearance. Moreover, it can be used in decorative spaces.

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