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Mehrafarin tower, Velenjak, Tehran

Color variety and product textile enhance the visual attraction in building views so let it to the designer for drawing the new pattern in the image of a building. The tile is still valuable and beautiful, but in today’s Iran, the influence of nonnative architecture has led tiling as a traditional element to fail to find a proper one link to modern architecture. The use of tiles in contemporary buildings is limited only to religious buildings and buildings that are pretending to be traditional, and thus, this ancient technology remains open to the presence of architectural and urban spaces. Accordingly, the Alborz Ceramic Company, based on its technical knowledge and artistic creativity, began a new effort to revive this original art in the ceramic industry.


Its valuable experiences in the production of high-quality mosaic and ceramic tiles and exporting them to many European, African and European Countries have provided the groundwork for the production of a new product called “Porcelain Brick” in the field of building industry. Studies on this product started in 2013. In the following, with the formation of “Alborz Façade Atelier”, the technical and artistic specifications of the product were determined and the mix of various colors and size were manufactured. It is hoped that with the increasing development of the proposed designs along with providing consumer feedback, we will take an effective step towards linking with cultural capital in the architecture of this land.

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