Alborz ceramic qualification policies

Our activity is drawing, producing, and selling kinds of mosaic and ceramic tile with international competitive quality. The main aim in Alborz ceramic is getting costumer’s satisfaction, based on knowledge, experience, and employees’ commitment. From the beginning, we put forward in all our activity to how to do everything in a true ways. To achieve this goal, keep educating going on and our colleagues’ awareness in a friendly atmosphere, we do our best to use all Alborz production family such as customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in order to meet our demands. We believe in human values, committed to maintaining the safety and personal health, also try to protect our environment.

Establishing a quality management system based on the ISO9001.2008 Standard. In compliance with national laws and standard, from all Alborz ceramic family expected to fulfill the given duties and responsibilities that set in the quality system, besides well cooperate with the management in our quality system.

Quality assurance system:

Quality assurance certificate based on quality standard ISO9001.2000 Regarding customers’ need and stakeholders in Alborz main activities.

Due to proper quality management in all process, this company based its quality management on an international standard of quality management system ISO9001.2008, its effectiveness repeatedly has been evaluated.